Root Canal Treatment & Endodontics Santa Monica, CA

In order to repair and save a severely decayed or infected tooth, root canal treatment may become necessary. Dr. Mashkouri uses state of the art, latest technology that makes the root canal treatment go faster, more efficient and more comfortable for patients. WHEN IS ROOT CANAL REQUIRED? Root canals are required when the pulp part …

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Teeth Whitening in Santa Monica, CA

Proper brushing and flossing everyday can help to keep your smile white and bright. But often times, this is not enough to maintain the sparkle in the long-term. Factors such as aging, consuming colored foods and drinks, and lifestyle habits such as chewing or smoking tobacco can cause your teeth to get darker. Why Your …

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Best Dental Implants in Santa Monica, CA

With dental implants, patients with tooth loss or missing teeth can once again have fully functional, durable, natural-looking teeth. Whether you’ve lost teeth due to decay, gum disease, or injury, our team of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons can provide you with realistic, attractive implants. In addition to restoring jaw and mouth health, dental implants can …

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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Do you want a perfect smile, but cringe at the thought of embarrassing, uncomfortable metal braces? Office of Dr. Nima Mashkouri’s offers Invisalign; industry-leading technology that provides a modern alternative for achieving straight teeth. Invisalign is beneficial in the following ways; Unable to be seen, invisible – less embarrassment Removable You do not have to …

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Amalgam Filling Removal In Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Nima Mashkouri offers amalgam removal to patients – giving you the most advanced dentistry practices to enhance your oral health. Many people nowadays request to remove their old amalgam fillings to other cavity-fillings materials like tooth-colored composites. Dr. Mashkouri professional dental practice focuses on minimizing toxicity, adverse physical reactions, and immune system responses. Dr. …

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Oral Surgeon Near Me, Santa Monica, CA

Nima Mashkouri, DMD of Office of Dr. Nima Mashkouri’s offers oral surgery services in Santa Monica and surrounding cities including West Los Angeles, Westside, Venice, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Sawtelle, Culver City, & more. With an expert team and state of the art facility, Dr. Nima Mashkouri’s office performs oral surgery procedures while ensuring …

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family dentist santa monica

What to Expect When Visiting Your Family Dentist in Santa Monica, CA

Caring for your family’s oral health should be simple. With a busy schedule, many parents may find it difficult to schedule dental appointments. This is why having a family dentist can be essential. With family dentistry, you can schedule your dental appointments at one place making it more convenient to maintain good oral health for …

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cosmetic dentistry

What to Expect with Cosmetic Dentistry in Santa Monica, CA

If you are wanting to improve your smile, there are many options with cosmetic dentistry. By visiting your cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica, you can determine which treatment is best for restoring your bright and beautiful smile. Common Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Consulting with one of your cosmetic dentists can help answer any questions you may …

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emergency dental care

Emergency Dental Care: Common Questions in Santa Monica, CA

When a dental emergency arises, it is essential to know what to expect. We have compiled a list of common questions to help you understand emergency dental care. How do I know my dental pain is an emergency? If you come in with an oral infection, a severe toothache, or a cracked or broken tooth, …

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invisalign treatment

Understanding Invisalign Treatment in Santa Monica, CA

Many people want to have a straight, bright smile they can be confident showing off while laughing with friends or brainstorming with colleagues. However, not everyone naturally has straightly aligned teeth which is why many choose Invisalign treatment for achieving a more confident appearance. What is Invisalign Treatment? Instead of metal braces, Invisalign creates smooth, …

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"My appointment was with Dr. Mashkouri & he saw me right on time.  He greeted me with a smile, gave me great advice, was gentle, and did everything he could to make me comfortable. "