What to Expect When Visiting Your Family Dentist in Santa Monica, CA

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What to Expect When Visiting Your Family Dentist in Santa Monica, CA

Caring for your family’s oral health should be simple. With a busy schedule, many parents may find it difficult to schedule dental appointments. This is why having a family dentist can be essential. With family dentistry, you can schedule your dental appointments at one place making it more convenient to maintain good oral health for a lifetime.

Family Dentistry for Kids and Adults

Your family dentist has years of experience treating children and offering pediatric dental services to maintain, restore, and enhance their dental and oral health. With routine visits, your dentist can identify and address any dental problems that may occur in the earliest stage before they become a painful nuisance.

Through check-ups for adults, your dentist can detect early signs of oral health concerns and recommend appropriate treatment to prevent further damage or even reverse the problem. For instance, you can stop tooth decay and gum disease and prevent them from getting worse.

Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule your family dental appointments, contact your dentist in Santa Monica, CA.

"My appointment was with Dr. Mashkouri & he saw me right on time.  He greeted me with a smile, gave me great advice, was gentle, and did everything he could to make me comfortable. "