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    Teeth Whitening Santa Monica, Non-Invasive Laser Teeth Bleaching

    Proper brushing and flossing everyday can help to keep your smile white and bright. But often times, this is not enough to maintain the sparkle in the long-term. Factors such as aging, consuming colored foods and drinks, and lifestyle habits such as chewing or smoking tobacco can cause your teeth to get darker.

    Teeth whitening is one of the most requested procedures at Paradise Dental in Santa Monica. It encompasses different in-office and take-home bleaching solutions that can safely and effectively brighten your discolored, stained, or dull-looking teeth.

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  • Why Your Teeth Change Color

    There are many reasons why few people have impeccably white teeth, including:

    • Age - tooth enamel is naturally white, but it thins over time due to normal wear, allowing the yellowish dentin to show
    • Fluorosis - teeth darkening due to excessive fluoride consumption
    • Food and drink - tea, coffee, red wine, and other food items contain intense color pigments known as chromogens that bond to tooth enamel, causing discoloration
    • Tobacco use - chewing and smoking tobacco exposes you to two chemicals responsible for creating stubborn stains: nicotine and tar
    • Illness - early tooth decay or illness during tooth development can also cause spots on your teeth
    • Medications - tooth discoloration can be a side effect of taking certain medication, like antihistamines and antipsychotics. Fetuses and babies may also be at risk of tooth discoloration of the adult teeth if exposed to antibiotics like doxycycline and tetracycline.
    • Calculus - accumulated plaque can also reduce the sparkle of your teeth

    Any of these reasons can be a good reason to consider teeth whitening.

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    What to Expect

    Professional, in-office bleaching is the best teeth whitening procedure for instant results. First, Dr. Nima Mashkouri will examine your teeth to establish the cause and severity of the discoloration, and then propose various whitening options that will be most suitable for your case.

    Zoom! Whitening

    For in-office whitening at Paradise Dental, Dr. Mashkouri uses the newest and most technologically advanced laser-whitening known as Zoom! The active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, is broken down, allowing the oxygen to penetrate tooth enamel and dentin, bleaching any colored substances without affecting the tooth structure.

    The Zoom! Light is necessary to activate the hydrogen peroxide and enable it to penetrate the tooth surface. The bleaching process takes 45 minutes, but professional cleaning is recommended before whitening. This means that the entire procedure takes about an hour.

    Other Whitening Options

    Not all people are good candidates for Zoom! whitening. For instance, cases involving pitted teeth or severe staining are best treated using porcelain veneers, which require some preparation. Please keep in mind that dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, and bridges do not whiten, and may need to be replaced to match your new teeth color.

    If you prefer take-home whitening, please consult Dr. Mashkouri to ensure that you’re a good candidate. He will also recommend a few tips to care for your teeth to ensure that the results last as long as possible.

    Please contact Paradise Dental to start whitening your teeth today.

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    Nima Mashkouri, DMD of Paradise Dental offers a non-invasive laser teeth whitening treatment to residents in Santa Monica and surrounding cities including West Los Angeles, Westside, Venice, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Sawtelle, Culver City, & more.

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